LOWatts Capital Leasing Program

Keep your Budget intact. Allow your LED or Solar project to pay for itself​!​​ There is no longer a need to interfere with your budget trying to complete a LED or Solar project for your organization.Β 

LOWatts provides leasing options where you may be able to pay off the entire cost of your project without ever having to affect your budget.Β 

Most of our client’s monthly energy savings are actually higher than their monthly lease cost, meaning they are able to pay off their lease with the energy savings from their project, leaving them with a new income stream and a positive cash flow monthly.

Benefits of the LOWatts Capital Leasing Program

  • No Closing Costs
  • No Down Payment
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Don’t just Conserve Cash Flow…This Program GENERATES Cash Flow
  • Up to a 60 Month Term
  • Non-Emcumbering Equipment Lease