Utility Rebate Programs

  • Depending on which state your business is located in you may qualify for Utility Rebate Programs, designed to assist your business with covering majority of the cost of LED or Solar conversions and upgrades.
  • LOWatts has partnered with various State Utility Programs to not only educate, but help your business take advantage of the rebates that are being offered by your power companies. These rebates are to help offset the cost of replacing older, inefficient equipment or installing high efficiency LED and Solar equipment during new construction.Β 
  • We prepare all documents your business will need to submit in order to apply for your State’s Utility Program, eliminating the possibility of not receiving your full allowances.
  • Allow LOWatts to process your Utility Rebates FREE of charge.Β 

Contact us if you would like to utilize your local Rebate Program to upgrade to LED or Solar Lighting.